Investment Solutions


The Elements Financial Group (TEG) offers customized portfolio solutions for a wide variety of clients such as large RIAs, family offices, fund sponsors, custodians, broker dealers, and banks.   Investment professionals are faced with a rapidly evolving competitive landscape and frequently look to TEG to provide unique asset allocation solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of their existing client base and target market.   TEG’s asset management solutions combine institutional quality manager research, flexible portfolio construction applications, and a progressive 3-dimensional approach to volatility-based risk management.  These solutions deliver refreshing approaches to financial intermediaries who recognize the value of differentiation in facilitating business development in addition to customization for product proliferation.

Separately Managed Accounts

The Elements Financial Group’s (TEG’s) ProSeries portfolio solutions provide investors with advice imbedded investment strategies targeting the forefront of investment needs today, including but not limited to dynamic (EquityPro), risk-based (VolPro), and income oriented (YieldPro) solutions.  TEG’s investment research and portfolio construction team combines technical/quantitative analysis with fundamental/market research to develop expectations of future asset performance and market behavior.  This is complemented with our unique approach to portfolio construction which includes a proprietary analysis and optimization of risk-adjusted risk premiums, risk-adjusted income optimization, and technically-based dynamic risk allocation.  Risk is central to everything we do, as our progressive 3-dimensional approach to volatility-based risk management fosters a culture of risk-based investing.   Our solutions are available directly through TEG and through a number of third-party financial intermediaries.

Exchange Traded Solutions

The Elements Financial Group (TEG) partnered with AdvisorShares to deliver ProSeries™ Portfolios within exchanged traded funds (ETF’s).   Actively managed ETF’s provide efficiency, liquidity and daily transparency, while still offering the active management that has historically only been available with traditional mutual funds.

Effective December 1, 2013, TEG assumed responsibility as portfolio manager of EquityPro™ (symbol: EPRO).  This strategy is designed to capture global equity returns while attempting to minimize risk during market downturns.     To learn more about EquityPro, please click on the link to AdvisorShares™ website below:

Effective March 5th, 2014 TEG launched Yeild Pro™ (symbol: YPRO). The YieldPro strategy seeks to achieve positive absolute return with a minimum annual yield target of 4-6% and low absolute volatility. To learn more about YieldPro, please click on the link to AdvisorShares™ website below:

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