RiskPro®, by ProTools™, is the world’s first virtual strategist.  Designed by financial advisors and built by econometricians, this revolutionary risk-profiling and portfolio construction system allows advisors to blend custom combinations of funds, ETF’s and SMA’s*, while:

  • Setting clear advisor-client expectations throughout the investment process
  • Introducing on-going client-accountability
  • Targeting the client’s loss threshold within a 98% probability
  • Determining the client’s specific risk budget, as measured in volatility
  • Constructing client-portfolios to the hundredth decimal of their risk budget
  • Calculating the portfolio’s high, low and mean volatility and beta
  • Understanding the contribution of each investment to the client’s total risk budget
  • And much more…..

RiskPro®: The Worlds First Virtual Strategist (March 2014)


*Available for custom versions of RiskPro® only.


RiskPro® is offered through a licensing agreement with


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